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Thank you for giving us the opportunity

to tell you our story...

Designing your space so it is not only a reflection of you, but most importantly it functions to accomodate your lifestyle, is our priority.  Be it a peaceful refuge, a gathering place to entertain, or an inspiring workspace.  


What makes us successful, (and incidentally love what we do), is creating a design that will change your perspective about your home.  We have fun.  My client's get excited again - like the day they bought it, seeing all it's potential.


We believe your home should serve you!   It's a huge investment and almost always your largest expense and greatest financial asset.  It should be more than just a place for you to be...or a place that holds your stuff...and definitely not a stressful place with a long to-do list attached to it.  


Let Ambiance Consulting design your space for you and your home will serve you  - with pride, serenity, and inspiration.  Designed correctly with you and your desires in mind, it should be a tool used to organize your life, recharge your spirit, and create wonderful moments.

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