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How we's up to you!

We have found that every client's project is different, therefore every client has different needs.

Option 1

Some client's just need some advice or a vote of confidence.  Some just want original ideas or consultation.  Then there are others that want a professional to arrange their room and accessories so they look their best and perhaps bring in some finishing touches to pull things together...staging!

Option 2
Some clients don't know where to shop, or feel as though they don't know what to buy when they shop or most often, where to put things when they get them home.  
    Ambiance Consulting will come to your home ( or business) to conduct a question and answer session that helps us get to know you, your tastes, your budget, how you hope to see the space function for you and ultimately, how you want to feel when your in it.  We then take photos and measurements and define what of your belongings that will be included in the plan.  Back at the studio we will put together comprehensive design  plans which can/will include wallcoverings, paint color & finishes, floorplanned furniture, recommended window treatments, lighting schematics and accessories.  All of these items will be itemized and available online for purchse from either online shops or local stores.  At this time you can decide how you would like to proceed.  You can place the orders yourself, and take it from here or we can handle the process of ordering, installing, and staging for an additional charge.
Option 3

This option is for those Client's having a new home or location, kitchen or bath renovation, partial buildouts, or even a basic remodel that want all of the aspects of the project handled from specification and design through construction and installation.  Ambiance Consulting will work as a liason between your architect and contractors but we typically work as a team on your project and bring in Platinum Improvements and Kitchen & Bath Design.  It has been our experience that the most beneficial factor of a client's Satisfaction is to have all the various contractors working in sync, Bar None!  Time is money...Our contractors have a history with one another and have an established understanding of responsibilities and duties.  Maintaining the highest standard in both quality of our trade, as well as customer service is our mission. 

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